Banned from her own home

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A RUGBY woman is being denied her dying wish - to end her life in the home she loves.

Dorothy Tonks, 91, has been in hospital since she fell and broke her leg 11 weeks ago.

But a lack of capped-rate care nursing homes in the area has left her daughter struggling to find a suitable place for her to live when she’s discharged.

“My Mother has said to me that she just wants to go home to die,” said daughter Eileen Wellings, who lives in Clifton.

If my Mother is forced into a nursing home she will deteriorate very quickly.”

She added: “It’s her wish and my wish that she goes home. If she did, and it didn’t work out, then we’d consider putting her in a home, but until then the decision should be ours. The only homes that have capped fees are unsuitable for my Mother and I cannot afford any of the private homes in the area.”

Social services refused to allow Dorothy to return home after a period in hospital due to safety reasons.

She has been well enough to be discharged from hospital since August 26, but after an assessment she needs to find a place at a nursing home.

Eileen, Dorothy’s only family, has a choice of two capped rate homes in Rugby to send her to, neither of which she is happy with.

An emergency meeting between hospital staff, Eileen and social services was due to take place yesterday (Wednesday) after the first one was cancelled.

“I’m absolutely exhausted with all this,” said Eileen, 63.

“I just want the best for my Mother. I live on my own, I’m a pensioner and the worry is keeping me awake at night. This has all caused me a great deal of stress.”

She said the ideal situation would be a care package so her mother can stay at her home in Albert Square.

“The social workers tell me she’s not safe to be on her own, especially at night,” said Eileen.

“She has come on so much since her fall and she can get around with a zimmer frame. When she’s at home I visit her twice a day. My Mother is a very private person who is just happy to stay in her little flat.

“We are having our decisions taken away from us and it seems to unfair when all we both want is for my Mother to come home.”

Warwickshire County Council spokesperson said: “It is our duty to assess patients on a case-by-case basis and we take our responsibilities of ensuring the health and well being of individuals very seriously.

“This responsibility requires us to find solutions that best meet a patient’s care needs and we are taking all the details of this case into consideration.

“We are continuing to work with the family and with our health colleagues to find the best solution.”

The meeting was rescheduled to take place yesterday.