Bawnmore Infant School ranked ‘good’ by Ofsted

'Bawnmore Blackbirds' cheerleading squad
'Bawnmore Blackbirds' cheerleading squad

A RUGBY infant school has been praised by government inspectors for its pupils’ high achievement in reading, writing and mathematics.

Following an Ofsted inspection last month, Bawnmore Infant School, on Bawnmore Road, was judged to be ‘good’ in all areas assessed.

Inspectors found high achievement, strong leadership, and good teaching with some features of outstanding practice.

The Ofsted report noted ‘overwhelming positive views about teaching expressed by all parents and carers’.

It highlighted a well planned curriculum with learning experiences that have a positive impact on pupils’

spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It also said that ‘all groups of pupils, regardless of gender, ability or background, learn well.

The school benefits from very good leadership and management with a successful partnership between headteacher, staff and governing body.

Inspectors noted that ‘the headteacher communicates a clear and ambitious vision for the school, and continuously looks for further improvement’.

The positive report outlines recommendations to help the school perform even better.

To develop outstanding teaching in all areas, inspectors advise that ‘teachers become more consistent in planning opportunities for developing pupils’

skills as independent learners and using carefully planned questions to increase the level of challenge for pupils’.

Headteacher Debra Wade said: “We are very pleased with this report, it is testament to the hard work of the staff and governors. This is a high-achieving school that continues to make good progress and it is very rewarding to receive such a stamp of approval from the Ofsted inspectors.”

The school also offers Early Years Foundation Stage education through Bawnmore Cygnets Pre-school. The pre-school was also inspected with good judgements resulting from all areas of inspection (outcomes for children, quality of childcare provision and effectiveness of leadership).