Be green and recycle your Christmas tree at home

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AFTER the festive season is over go green and recycle your Christmas tree at home in the New Year.

Warwickshire County Council’s Home Wood Chipping Service is offering a discount in January if you use the service to process your green waste at home.

The normal charge is £20, but residents recycling a real Christmas tree as part of other woody green waste will receive a discount of £5.

The Home Wood Chipping Service will turn up and process woody prunings up to 5” (125mm) in diameter and leave it with you to use as a mulch or to be used in a composter.

This reduces the amount of green waste that ends up in landfill or has to be processed off site. This is good for the environment, the people of Warwickshire and provides you, the householder, with a truly re-cycled product that you can use

Call the Forestry Team on 01926 738827 for more information.