Beautician offers massage to Rugby cancer patients after losing mum to disease

Lucy Smith has completed specialist training to massage people suffering from cancer
Lucy Smith has completed specialist training to massage people suffering from cancer

A beauty salon owner has completed specialist training to massage people with cancer after losing her mother to the disease two years ago.

Lucy Smith, who has owned Urban Beauty on Church Street in Rugby for ten years, decided to train with top oncologists in Gloucester so she could provide the service to clients in Rugby.

The 35-year-old said she had seen the effects of cancer first hand after her mum, Margaret Taylor, died aged 61.

“I know so many people whose lives have been affected by this illness and it is something that I feel very passionate about,” she said.

“I have spoken to people going through treatment and the response I have had has been fantastic. It is lovely to be able to give something back and give people the relaxation that they need.”

Lucy said: “Anyone that is interested in having a client care massage can make an appointment with myself. There is no need to feel nervous or apprehensive as I will put them at ease, we will go through a full consultation on their first appointment as everyones needs and requirements vary, then they can relax, enjoy their treatment and feel the benefits.”

Luc y said there had been some mixed views on massaging cancer patients within her industry, but after researching the area she found a number of articles and studies explaining the benefits for patients.

Lucy said: “I found training centres that work with top oncologists in a hospital in Gloucester that were able to give therapists the knowledge, full consultation information and insurance to be able to massage anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer without the need of a doctors note.”

To make an appointment, call Lucy on (01788) 540479.