Best party ever for Fred’s 100th birthday

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LIVELY Fred Gavin spent the day partying with his friends and family to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Fred, who lives in Westlands care home in Oliver Street, celebrated his centenary with a special party at the Rugby Workers Club on Friday.

Daughter-in-law Eileen Gavin said: “It was fabulous. He had a really lovely day. He said it was the best party he’d ever had.”

Fred was born on December 16, 1911 in Birmingham.

He later married his wife Violet and the couple had two children - Jean and John.

Fred retired from his job at Rolls Royce when he was 65 but carried on doing various part-time jobs until he was in his 80s.

He later moved to Rugby to be nearer his family.

Eileen said: “He has always been a very sociable person. He’s never been without company and has always travelled abroad.

“He has lived his life to the full.”

Fred, who has eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren, received a card from the Queen to mark his 100th birthday.

Eileen said: “Fred is very lucky because he is healthy. His birthday was a really special day for everyone.”