Beware buying presents down the pub, say police

police tape
police tape

Police are warning Christmas shoppers in Rugby to beware supposed bargains that may be stolen goods.

They say the period between the start of November and the end of the year offer rich pickings for burglars – and it is the proceeds of domestic burglary that feeds the market for the sale of stolen goods, with the money usually being used to support other criminal activity.

Chief Constable Gareth Morgan of Warwickshire Police said: “By purchasing a ‘bargain’ from someone in the pub, or someone who knocks on the door selling things, you are not only supporting crime, which could ultimately end with you facing prosecution for handling stolen goods, but you are also perpetuating the misery of burglary for others.

“You need to ask yourself what the real cost is of the item you are being offered. Then you will see it isn’t such a bargain afterall.”

The police always scan recovered property that they believe is stolen. If it has an identifiable mark which can be traced back to the rightful owner, police may charge the person found with the item, with handling stolen property.

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