Big bang over Rugby: your reaction

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ADVERTISER readers have told of their reactions to the loud bang heard across the town yesterday evening (Thursday April 12).

The Ministry of Defence says the noise was caused when an RAF jet broke the sound barrier in response to a distress call from a helicopter over Oxfordshire. The helicopter pilot had sent the wrong signal.

The bang led to some confusion in Rugby, with some fearing there had been an explosion at the Cemex plant. The Advertiser had a reporter and photographer on the scene but there was no sign of any accident.

Several readers contacted the Advertiser via Twitter and Facebook after the bang, which was heard at about 6.10pm. The first was Sorrell Nickless (@sorrell_101), who wrote: “What the chuff was that?”

Claire Lomax (@exclusivelybyclaire) wrote: “I was terrified, thought the house was collapsing.”

Emma (@rugbyem) wrote: “I’m right in town centre and my windows shook!”

Mike Cleaver (@cleavermike) wrote: “Sonic boom over Rugby? Just shook our whole house!”

Richard B of England (@riccygonzalez) wrote: “Was that a sonic boom? Massive crash sent birds flying and horses running in Clifton!”

On Facebook, Paul Bray wrote: “The whole of New Bilton rattled - busiest I’ve ever seen the streets.”

An MOD spokesman said: “It is thought the helicopter was over the Oxfordshire area. The Typhoon aircraft, based in Lincolnshire, are part of a quick action alert team that respond to anyone who puts out that kind of signal.

“Fortunately, it was a false alarm.”

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