Black Widow hellraisers return to old magic

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THE original bad boys of rock infamous for performing black magic on stage are back with a new album 40 years after they split up.

Black Widow’s latest album, Sleeping with Demons, went on worldwide release on Monday created by two of the original six members from the notorious band, Clive Jones and Geoff Griffith.

Clive, who lives in Dunchurch, said: “We’re really pleased to be back together. The album has got great reviews so far.”

Black Widow formed in 1970 and one of the era’s most popular and hellraising bands. They were the main rivals to Black Sabbath and enjoyed huge success. The band, who were known for their connection with black magic, would perform to hundreds of thousands of people and perform mock sacrifices of naked women on stage, causing outrage.

Their stunts led them to being banned from many venues and stopped from entering America.

Clive said: “We were the original bad boys and had a cult following. We were very naughty. We used to sacrifice naked ladies on stage.

“We were on the front of the News of the World in the 1970s and parents wouldn’t let their children watch us on TV.”

After several successful hits and albums, Black Widow split in the mid 70s. Over the years Clive, who works part time as a carer, has tried to keep the name alive and six albums have been released. Their most famous song, Come to the Sabbat, is still covered and performed by other bands.

Geoff, who currently lives in Thailand but is moving back to Rugby in the new year, and Clive have stuck to the black magic theme with Sleeping With Demons, which is now available to buy or download. It has been released by their own label Smack Management.

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