Boating demonstration planned by campaigners fighting against Barby Pools Marina

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A PROTEST against a 550 berth marina in Onley will take place on Sunday.

Tim Coghlan from Braunston Marina has organised the demo on behalf of the Stop the Monster Marina at Onley campaign.

In a letter to a number of boaters Mr Coghlan appealed for help.

He said: “I am writing to ask you please to come and support this event. The demo at Onley will be the climax of our campaign to Stop the Monster Marina at Onley before the application goes to the Daventry and Rugby planning committees, probably in early November. It is most important that we have a huge turnout of boaters. The development is intended to serve you, but ironically you are in fact massively opposed to this unneeded and highly destructive development, that will exasperate the already over congested Braunston Pound.”

The group is campaigning against controversial plans to build a 550-berth marina at Onley, off the North Oxford Canal, known as Barby Pools.

The demonstration will take place between 2 and 4pm.