BOWLS: '˜Perfect 8' score for RBA rink in final outdoor game

Coventry & District visitors to President's club The Grange

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 10:50 am

Rugby Bowling Association

The last match of the 2018 outdoor season for the RBA was a rearranged match against a Coventry & District side, writes Keith Oakes.

Played at the Presidents club, The Grange, the RBA took a decisive hold on the game and it soon became evident that the season would end with a win.

The top RBA rink of the day consisted of Barry Sheasby from Oakfield with Rob Whyman, Roy Foster & Nigel Hewitson all from Rugby Club who recorded a ‘perfect 8’ on one end, giving the home side a resounding win of 121 shots to Coventry’s 58 shots.

President, Doug Anderson would like to thank all the clubs and their members for supporting the RBA, and have made his term of office in 2018, an enjoyable one. The 2019 season is nearly upon us!