Braunston pensioner’s life improved thanks to grant for new bathroom

Care & Repair caseworker Amy Waddingham with Margaret Matthews
Care & Repair caseworker Amy Waddingham with Margaret Matthews

A pensioner has praised Care & Repair Daventry District after they arranged the installation of a new fully-accessible bathroom in her bungalow to help her following a hip operation.

Margaret Matthews was struggling to get in and out of the bath at her home in Braunston due to arthritis in her hips and crumbling of the spine.

But she is now finding life far easier after Care & Repair helped her secure a Disabled Facilities Grant to adapt her bathroom, creating a new wet room with level-access shower.

Mrs Matthews initially contacted the Care & Repair service for help replacing windows in her property that were allowing in damp.

But while meeting Mrs Matthews at her home to discuss the windows, Care & Repair caseworker Amy Waddingham noticed the bathroom was in need of improvement.

Amy arranged a visit by an occupational health therapist, who recommended the level access shower. She then helped Mrs Matthews apply for the grant, before arranging for trusted contractors to come out to quote for the work as well as helping her choose a workman she was comfortable with.

Within three weeks of coming out of hospital following a hip operation, Mrs Matthews had a new bathroom. She was also able to get a number of new windows fitted in her bungalow thanks to a different funding stream known as a Home Repairs Assistance grant.

“The bathroom’s a completely new room now, I think it’s wonderful” said Mrs Matthews.

“I have arthritis in both hips and crumbling in my spine so there was no way I could get down into the bath. I couldn’t even climb over to have a shower. Now it’s so easy - I just walk in and turn it on.

“I’ve always paid my way all these years but I spent just about all the money I had on this bungalow, so I could never had afforded to do this without the grant. And having Amy to help was great. It was just like talking to one of the family and she did such a wonderful job keeping an eye on the work and making sure it went smoothly.

“I’m delighted with it. I haven’t had a better workman here too – he did a fantastic job.”

Cllr Mike Warren, Health and Housing Portfolio Holder on Daventry District Council, said: “Disabled Facilities Grants provide up to £30,000 so people living with a disability can make necessary improvements to their homes to allow them to carry on living there.

“The work can include widening doors, installing ramps, installing stair lifts, adapting lighting or heating controls and much more, providing it is necessary and appropriate to meet the disabled person’s needs.

“Even better, Care & Repair takes on the hard work and hassle of organising the work, to try to eliminate the stress that big home projects like this can bring. So if your home needs improving or adapting to meet your needs and you think you might be eligible for a grant, please get in touch.”

Find out more by emailing Care & Repair Daventry District at, visiting or by phoning 01327 871100.