Brave Rugby woman to skydive in memory of granddad

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A Rugby woman who has only been on a plane once is taking on a skydive in memory of her granddad.

Helen Gibson, from Hillmorton, promised to do a charity fundraiser every year after losing her granddad, Harry (Adamson) Woodall, to pneumonia in January last year.

Helen said: “Last year I abseiled to raise money for the Air Ambulance and this year I thought I’d take on something even scarier.

“I’ve only been on a plane once, that was in March, so I feel really nervous but I’m excited to do it.”

The 21-year-old will be jumping from a plane on Friday to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Helen, a supervisor at The Dun Cow in Dunchurch, said she chose the charity because she knew many people who had been affected by cancer.

“We lost a member of staff to cancer at the start of the year so I really wanted to do something to support the charity.

“Campaigns such as the ‘No make up selfie’ have helped put Cancer Research in the spotlight.”

Helen’s family said they were very proud of her fundraising efforts.

She said: “I was really close to my granddad. He and my nan were the only grandparents I had growing up so I treasured them.

“He used to pick me up from school and we did a paper round together.”

Helen is hoping to raise £500.

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