BREAKING NEWS: Witness tells jury at the Gemma Hayter murder trial that three defendants went back to visit the crime scene

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THREE people on trial for the murder of Gemma Hayter tried to get onto the old railway line in Hillmorton Road to ‘see what has happening’, a court heard. Witness Laura Rowley told the court today (Monday) that she was with Joe Boyer, Jessica Lynas and Duncan Edwards the day after Gemma’s naked body was found on the old railway line when they suggested going to have a look.

Police stopped them from going onto the old railway line but they persisted and tried to get down the embankment via a different route. They were again stopped by police.

Miss Rowley said: “They all suggested we go and have a look at what was happening. I didn’t want to go.”

Boyer, Lynas and Edwards are all accused of the murder of Gemma who was found dead on August 9 last year. Also standing trial for the murder is Chantelle Booth and Daniel Newstead.

They all deny murder and a further charge of ABH.

The trial continues.

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