BREAKING: Police confirm child abduction reports in Rugby are false

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Reports of attempted abductions of children in Rugby are false, according to Warwickshire Police.

In recent weeks police in Rugby have received three reports of child encounters with adults or attempted abductions of young people.

Warwickshire Police has made enquiries into each of the incidents and established that on each occasion the reports were unfounded.

Police have said that reports of this nature are understandably worrying for the whole community and have resulted in a lot of discussion about the issues on social media.

Detective Inspector Roy Wheelwright from the Protecting Vulnerable People team, said: “We understand that people are rightly concerned when they hear of reports of this nature involving young people. On each occasion we have investigated the claims and found that in each case the matter was not as it had initially been perceived. No offences or suspicious activity has occurred.

“Encounters with strangers and attempted abductions are thankfully very rare in Warwickshire.

“Nevertheless Warwickshire Police works closely with partner agencies to deliver personal safety and stranger danger information to young people in Warwickshire and we want to encourage young people to continue to report suspicious activity to the police.”