Bruce rocks the Ricoh

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Bruce Springsteen - Ricoh Arena - by Jon Cleaver

Launching straight into the Ghost of Tom Joad, the unmistakable deep gravel voice of the Boss Bruce Springsteen brought the 38,000 adoring fans into a delirious crescendo of the now familiar ring, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce that continued non stop for four hours, which included such great hits as Born in the USA, Thunder Road and the River.

The World Wrecking Ball Tour 2013 was into its 13th venue at the Ricoh Arena, other performances included Canada, Stockholm, Germany, London and Glasgow.

For over forty years Springsteen has commanded the rock scene with his American Roots music cast alongside Bob Dillon, Elvis Presley and the Beatles, who Bruce says influenced him in his early years.

Bruce who was born in Fremantle New Jersey was destined to rock the world from the moment he opened his mothers Christmas present in 1964, a little known Kent guitar that had caught his eye in the window of a local music shop. In 1969 Bruce made his first public performance at the Upstage Club New Jersey,

At 63 he raced through 30 songs at a non stop pace for the four hours without a break, that included a spellbinding guitar piece in complete unison with Nils Lofgren and Stevie Van Zandt and a dedication to his close friend and greatly missed sax player Clarence Clemons an original member of the E Street Band, who died suddenly recently.

Stevie Van Zandt and Nils Lofgren guitarists are the other original members of the band. Clarence Clemons nephew Jake Clemons, who is also a sax player has been recruited and didn’t disappoint.

The gig was a sell out; some fans travelling from Akron Ohio 48 hours earlier camping outside the Ricoh to make sure of a front to greet their hero.

Picture shows Nils Lofgren, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Van Zandt.