Bulldog puppy Charley still missing following Cawston burglary

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THE owners of a bulldog puppy are still appealing for information after their family pet was stolen last week.

Charley, who is just 11 weeks old, was cruelly snatched during a burglary at a house on Creswell Place, Cawston sometime between 1 and 5pm on Wednesday afternoon (October 24).

The family have been searching for their beloved puppy ever since.

Speaking to the Advertiser this morning, owner Paul Tolin said: “We’ve worked really hard over the weekend. We’ve been putting up posters and doing everything we can.”

Paul’s wife Kelly came home from school with their son to find their home had been broken in to.

Paul said: “My wife came home with our son from school and some other children who had come to see the puppy. The back window had been smashed and the door was wide open. The dog had gone.”

The female dog, pictured, was brown and white with a hernia on her stomach.

Paul said: “It’s heartbreaking. We’re absolutely devastated. We’re panicked and scared.”

The burglars also took a number of valuable items including a TV, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, laptop, camcorder, Nintendo DS and a jewellery box containing their child’s first tooth and lock of hair.

Paul said: “We think the target was the dog. She is a pedigree dog and we paid £2,000 for her. It’s one of the most expensive dogs you can buy. Criminals know that and know there’s money to be made.”

He added: “We’ve worked hard and saved up for her. We’ve wanted one for years. Our priority is to get Charley back.”

The Tolin family is offering a £1,000 reward for the safe return of Charley - upon the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.