Bullied dyslexic teenager brings out magazine after building his own business

Ollie Forsyth
Ollie Forsyth

A dyslexic teenager who was badly bullied at school has released a magazine after successfully building his own business.

Ollie Forsyth launched an online gift shop for teenagers called Ollie’s Shop when he was just 13.

I was told I was a failure but I was absolutely determined to succeed

Ollie Forsyth

After receiving support from the likes of Dame Kelly Holmes, Ollie has decided to release The Budding Entrepreneur Magazine.

The 17-year-old said: “Having been featured in lots of media, I noticed there weren’t many enterprise magazines that offered key business support, so I started my own, The Budding Entrepreneur Magazine.

“Our latest feature is My Enterprise Directory, the place to go to advertise, market and promote your own business.

“I’ve already had many sign-ups, so if you have a business that will help another business or a new customer, check out the site.”

Ollie, who studies at The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in Rugby, is keen to inspire others to strive for success.

“I left school with one qualification in Spanish, don’t ask me how I got it - it must have been a good day!

“I am incredibly dyslexic and was badly bullied at school. I was told I was a failure but I was absolutely determined to succeed.

“Since leaving school, where I was bullied, I have appeared in major newspapers and I’ve even been on Channel 4, so I hope I proved them wrong, but when do you stop?

“It’s so important that schools teach students entrepreneurship - not business studies but the essence of how to start an actual business.

“I receive requests daily from people wanting me to mentor them but there’s a limit to how much I can do.”

Ollie added: “If you have a business idea in mind, don’t sit and wait for years to come, go and seek advice, mentoring and funding and get your business started, it is most rewarding.”

Go to Ollie’s websites www.tbemagazine.com and www.myenterprisedirectory.co.uk to find out more.