Bullied Rugby boy sets up online business - aged 16

Ollie Forsyth
Ollie Forsyth

A teenager who was bullied at school and battles with severe dyslexia has turned his life around and launched his own business.

Ollie Forsyth, 16, is a young entrepreneur with big dreams.

Although he left school with no qualifications, he now runs his own business and has won back his confidence.

Ollie said: “I was constantly picked on at school.

“People called me names, people used to make fun of me 24/7, I never had a peaceful moment to myself.”

He couldn’t read properly until he was 14 and went to a special needs school, outside Rugby.

Sick of hearing other children say he was a failure, Ollie decided to come back fighting.

“I remember one boy said to me ‘Ollie, you are a failure, you will be working for me one day’. Now I run my own online gift shop, Ollie’s Shop. I sell fun and inexpensive gifts including, bracelets, cuff links, leather polo belts, retro leather wallets, necklaces and lots more.”

Ollie’s ambition is to make a million as quickly as he can, while helping the economy.

He said: “Most importantly, I want to help others a long the way.

“On November 1 I am launching my own enterprise magazine, The Budding Entrepreneur. The magazine is all about encouraging and inspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business.”

Ollie is at The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy backed by Dragons Den star Peter Jones and is based at Warwickshire College in Rugby.

“My aim is to make as many people employed as possible,” he said.

“If I make a million and help others people get a job before I die, I will be very happy.”