Burglars steal nine years of family memories as they break into Newbold home

MHRA-07-01-12 Theft Jan12 'Mum Kym Rose and Son Dylan four, had all their Christmas presents stolen by thieves.
MHRA-07-01-12 Theft Jan12 'Mum Kym Rose and Son Dylan four, had all their Christmas presents stolen by thieves.

A TRAUMATISED family are scared to leave the house after burglars ransacked their Newbold home.

Kym Rose arrived back in Lea Crescent to find her house had been raided by intruders who not only stole her laptop containing precious family photos dating back nine years, but a huge stash of gifts that her children had been given for Christmas.

Miss Rose said: “They took the lot. My laptop has been taken which has got all their baby pictures on it. That’s the one thing that I really want back because I can’t replace those photos.”

Other items that were taken from the house included a Ninento Wii console, games and all the accessories, as well as a camera and a mobile phone. Many of the items taken had been given to Miss Rose’s two children, Kassidy, nine, and Dylan, four, for Christmas.

The children have been left devastated following the burglary, particularly Kassidy who saw the aftermath of the break in.

Miss Rose said: “My little girl is distraught. She walked in the bathroom and saw the broken window and all the mess.

“She was quite traumatised by it. She was screaming and was worried what they had taken. She was quite upset.

“We think that the burglars must have been disturbed because if they had gone upstairs they would have taken more.

“It doesn’t feel very nice being in the house. We’re all still quite anxious. I don’t like to go out now but I have to leave the house to take the kids to and from school and I worry when I come back in case it happens again.”

To make matters worse Miss Rose didn’t have insurance for the items that were stolen.

She said: “As and when I can afford to replace it all, I will. All I’m worried about is the laptop. The phone and presents can be replaced. The damage can be repaired. But the laptop is not valuable to anyone. No one will get anything for it because it’s broken.”

The burglary happened sometime between 8am and 6pm on Thursday last week (January 5), although neighbours heard smashing glass between 10 and 11am.

The black laptop is an HP 501 with an F9 missing. None of the buttons works and it turns itself on and off.

Witnesses or anyone with information who knows the whereabouts of the laptop can call Rugby police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.