Burglars target more homes across Rugby borough

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POLICE are warning the public to remain alert and on the lookout for suspicious people following another series of burglaries across Rugby.

Between 11am and 1pm on October 1 thieves smashed a window in the rear door of a home in Sovereign Close, Rugby.

They searched the house and stole several items.

At around 2pm on the same date, a double glazed window at another house in Sovereign Close was smashed. The offenders failed to get inside and nothing was stolen.

Between 9.30 and 11am on October 4 thieves removed the bolt from the patio door of a home in Deane Road, Rugby and got inside, stealing several items.

Between October 1 and 5 a kitchen door was forced open at a home in Lower Hillmorton Road, Rugby after the local was removed. Jewellery and cash were stolen.

Between 8.30am and 6.30pm on October 3 burglars got inside a home in Bilton Road, Rugby, possibly through the front door, and searched the house.

They took cash and damaged a photograph in a frame.

Between 3 and 4am on October 7 thieves used a brick wrapped in a t-shirt to smash the glass in the front door of a home in Shakespeare Gardens. Several items were taken from inside.

Between 9am and 1pm on October 5 thieves used a tool to remove the lock from the back door of a home in Alwyn Road, Rugby. Several items were stolen including a laptop computer.

Between 5pm on October 5 and 10pm on October 7 offenders drilled the lock out of the patio doors at another home in Norton Leys and entered the house. Several items were stolen after the home was seached.

Between 7am and 5.40pm on October 3 patio doors at a home in Raffles Place, Long Lawford were forced open.

The curtains were closed inside but nothing appears to have been stolen.

During the night of October 4 into October 5 offenders broke into a shed in the back garden of a home in Main Street, Frankton after removing the padlock.

Once inside the shed, the offenders stole a petrol lawn mower and grass box along with a bush shredder.

Between 8pm on October 4 and midnight on October 8 thieves forced their way into a caravan in Fosse Way, Stretton on Dunmore after snapping the hinges on a window. Nothing appears to have been stolen.

At some point before 2.40pm on 5 October burglars got into a home in Poppy Drive, Rugby causing severe damage to the front door, and stole several items.

At some point before 8.20pm on October 7 offenders forced the lock in the front door of a home in Grendon Drive, Rugby and entered the premises.

Several items were stolen.

Between 5.30pm on October 3 and 11am on October 5 burglars got into a home in Bells Lane, Monks Kirby and stole a quantity cash from a study area.

Watch coordinator Julie Dale said: “Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity around your own or neighbouring homes and please report anything of concern, to police, on 101. Thank you.”