Burnt toast prompts care home evacuation in Dunchurch

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RESIDENTS at a care home in Dunchurch had to be evacuated after a smoking toaster caused alarm.

It happened at Redwood House in Daventry Road at 8.55am last Thursday.

Team leader Christine Nunn said: “A service user wanted toast for breakfast and she was supported with that.

“We started to smell toast burning and the crust of the toast had got stuck in the toaster and filled the place with smoke. The toast just didn’t pop up.”

Two appliances from Rugby fire station attended the scene.

Christine said: “It was hectic.

“Fire officers said another five minutes would have caused a fire.”

She said the incident resulted in smoke damage.

“I can understand how people die from smoke damage,” added Christine.

“When I breathed it in my throat was burning.”

She said the toaster will not be replaced and the grill of the oven will now be used.

“The fireman said that nobody should ever leave toast in a toaster unattended,” added Christine.

“It can happen so quickly and we were lucky there was no fire.”