Burning a new hate figures in opposition to energy firm E.On

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VILLAGERS in Winwick gathered round a topical effigy for their bonfire night celebrations.

Instead of a traditional Guy, the centrepiece of Winwick’s bonfire was a replica of a wind turbine to show the village’s opposition to plans by E.On to build seven of them by the village.

Winwick, which has a population of 40, has banded together to oppose the plans by sending protest letters and petitions, producing posters and hiring legal and technical experts at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds.

Villager Phillip Bradbury said: “Make no mistake, we are fighting these guys all the way.

“Bonfire Night in our village is another opportunity for us to get together and fire a rocket at E.On from Winwick. E.On has a flaming cheek.”

The application is currently being considered by planning inspectors in Bristol.