Fears for business as parking woes grow in Dunchurch

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PARKING problems in Dunchurch village centre are causing disruption for a businessman who fears it’s costing him his livelihood.

According to Michael McCormick, owner of the Dunchurch Art Gallery and Painting Studio in Southam Road, parking has become such a problem that it’s having a knock-on effect on his business.

Mr McCormick said: “I would like to ask if the council is trying to close all the businesses in Dunchurch?

“The Square, along with the houses and cottages, has approximately 20 shops, hotels, restaurants and takeaway businesses. None of these premises have any parking for their own use or their customers. I have 28 students coming to my painting classes. They find parking for two-and-a-half hours almost impossible.”

Mr McCormick said that his customers are forced to park in nearby side streets, but claims that he knows people don’t visit Dunchurch because of the parking difficulties. He fears that if Warwickshire County Council puts double yellow lines in Dunchurch Road, it will cause more problems.

Mr McCormick said: “Now the council in its wisdom is going to stop some of the parking down the Daventry Road. The people living in Daventry Road have parked outside their homes since the Royal Mail coaches came up the A45 blowing the post horn telling the Green Man to get the next team of horses ready. If these villagers have to find new places to park they will certainly have to look towards the centre of the village, making an impossible parking situation untenable. There will come a time when the business community and home owners will sell up and moving to be closer to their cars.”

No one at the county council was available for comment.