Free business fair in Rugby

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A free business fair is being held at Valiant Office Suites in Rugby.

It has been organised in conjunction with Oxy Events in Rugby and has been described as a unique event for all local businesses.

The fair takes place on Thursday, March 7, from 1pm – 5pm and aims to bring a variety of local businesses together.

Valiant Office Suites manager Alison Franzoni said: “The need for events such as this are key to sustaining small and medium sized local businesses. However that is not to say that the emphasis is not on the business owner themselves! In the current climate a business cannot wait for customers to call, they must go out and seek new opportunities and make new business allies.” Pre-registration is required via the valiant business fair website , All details can be found on the site.

She added: “We are proud to be the first to host such an event at a business venue in Rugby and we hope that by doing so we can support local businesses to stay in business but also to grow in what is a very difficult market.”

Key speaker is Peter Sylvester. There will also be a business card prize draw. Valiant Office Suites is based at Lumonics House, Valley Drive, Swift Valley, CV21 1TQ.