Furniture For You closure upsets more customers

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DISGRUNTLED customers who bought goods from Furniture for You before it went bust may not be reimbursed.

The Somers Road firm ceased trading earlier this year and several customers expressed frustration online about their orders, some of which date back almost 12 months and had not arrived. The anonymous comments were left on the ‘Find It’ section of the Advertiser website, which hosts listings and reviews of Rugby firms. Insolvency specialists, Wilson Field, are acting as liquidators for the firm. A spokesman for the company said that the circumstances surrounding the demise of the company had not yet been investigated.

She said: “Customers who have used a credit card to pay for items which they have not received or placed a deposit are advised to contact their credit card company to ask for a refund. Other customers will have to await the outcome of the liquidation to see if a dividend will be paid.”