Get out of any sticky problem with Party Genies

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A CAWSTON entrepreneur’s knowledge of all things sticky is giving party venues across the nation cause for relief.

Oliver Taylor has set up Party Genies, selling products that enable people to stick balloons and other items to walls without causing any damage.

TV actor Chris Simmons, better known as DC Mickey Webb from The Bill and, more recently, Kat Moon’s love interest Mark Garland in EastEnders, has helped to promote the firm by taking part in a new advertisement, filmed at Oliver’s home.

The decoration hangers are made by Daventry-based firm Ready2Go Limited.

The idea came when Oliver heard how one of his customers had damaged the walls of a village hall by using tape and drawing pins to hang balloons for his daughter’s birthday party.

Knowing Oliver’s expertise in all things self-adhesive, his customer laid down the challenge of developing a solution to the problem.

Oliver said: “We’ve already had great feedback from the people we’ve spoken to about Party Genies, and Chris has helped to bring the product to life brilliantly and really reflect what Party Genies are all about.

Everyone who took part in the latest shoot, and got to film alongside Chris, had a great time and we have a great advert so everyone’s happy.”

Following the development of the balloon hanger, Oliver and his team have now created a range of ‘wall-friendly’ adhesive products that enable all manner of party paraphernalia, as well as greeting cards and posters, to be hung from household surfaces.

The company says they are also very easy to remove after use – leaving no pin holes, oil spots or the kind of damage marks associated with traditional adhesive products.

Tesco has already decided to stock Party Genies and they are also available to buy in the UK from online retailers, along with a number of other independent shops.

Ready2Go aims to turn Party Genies into an international brand.

“Next month we are heading to America, by invitation of the biggest balloon manufacturer in the world”, explained Oliver.