Last day for Wallis and Evans

Views of Rugby''Sheep Street
Views of Rugby''Sheep Street

Rugby town centre is to lose two more major High Street shops.

Wallis and Evans will be moving out of their shops in High Street in what is the latest bitter blow to shoppers.

And the loss of two more ladies’ clothing shops will deter yet more people from visiting in the town centre, according to shoppers the Advertiser spoke to yesterday (Wednesday).

Eddie Upton said: “The news of these latest closures are just more nails in the coffin for Rugby.

“On the one hand, there’s so much marketing going on to encourage people into the town, but what for?”

Eddie lives in Rugby and shops in Wallis and Evans.

She added: “There is nothing here now. It used to be such a lovely little town but not now.

“It makes you wonder who will be next to go.”

The only thing Rugby is good for is betting shops and charity shops, says Yvonne Carter, who also lives in Rugby.

“There’s nothing left,” she said.

“If they took Marks & Spencer away that would be it. People are having to travel out of the town now to find decent shops, it’s dead here.”

Christine Jones, who lives in Rugby, said: “I still can’t believe Rugby is losing both Wallis and Evans.

“It’s shocking news for the town. What has Rugby got to offer? It’s like a ghost town – I think it’s very sad.”

The last day of trading is Saturday.

No-one from the head office of Wallis and Evans was available for comment as the Advertiser went to press.

The borough council’s cabinet will discuss on Monday whether to extend a scheme that offers grants of up to £3,000 to help businesses move in to the town centre. Officials say it has attracted more than 30 new independent retailers to the town centre in the past four years.

The meeting will be held at the town hall on Monday at 5.30pm and is open to the public.