Martin’s debt struggle: advert for Christians Against Poverty turned Rugby man’s life around

SLEEPLESS nights, fear of
opening his post and feelings of hopelessness became part of life when a Rugby man fell on hard times.

His life spiralled out of control after his divorce.

Martin said: “I ended up £7,000 in debt from my overdraft and then borrowing money. It got to a point where I was getting letters demanding money every other day.”

He said his money problems started after his marriage broke up several years ago.

“I used to feel sick opening the letters,” added Martin.

“It was like I had no control of my life.”

Martin’s situation led to depression.

“I couldn’t work for two years,” he said.

“Then my girlfriend spotted an advert in the Advertiser for Christians Against Poverty and I thought I had nothing left to lose.”

Two people from CAP went to his house and came up with a workable budget.

“It was hard sticking to the budget but I knew I couldn’t go back to borrowing money,” added Martin.

Life has been a struggle for Martin but worth the effort.

Martin said: “I’ve been through some really low times but now I’m debt free.

“I am so much happier, I am back in control of my life and I’ve got a job that I love.”

He said it’s all thanks to Christians Against Poverty.

Martin added: “They have helped me turn my life around.

“They even arranged for me and my girlfriend to go way on an adventure break. We met people who were in exactly the same boat as us.”

He said anyone concerned about debt problems should ring CAP straight away.

Martin: “The future is bright for me now - no more threatening letters, no more sleepless nights.”

To contact the service telephone 07972 361917.