Rugby entrepreneur sheds light on new way to make lorry-driving safer

A conventionally-lit lorry (left) and one lit by the Jim Beam system (right)
A conventionally-lit lorry (left) and one lit by the Jim Beam system (right)

A new simple lighting system has been devised by a Rugby entrepreneur for vehicles and semi-trailers that illuminates the road surface, improves road safety and helps to keep the driver out of the dark.

Traditionally, side trailer lights have faced outwards, warning other drivers, bikers, cyclists and pedestrians of the trailer’s presence from the side view.

But for the driver looking in the mirror down the side of the vehicle and the trailer, the view has generally been one of dark shadows.

The driver has to make sure that the trailer avoids hitting street furniture, raised roundabouts, kerbstones, parked vehicles, gates and fences, and drive through narrow roads, or overtake slower moving road users.

The new system has been designed and patented by Jim Thomson, a Rugby-based entrepreneur.

He said: “The Jimmy Beam Down Light helps the driver to see along the sides and downwards of the vehicle/trailer. It helps establish the exact position of the vehicle in the road in conjunction with the presence or movement from pedestrians, cyclists or other road users that may be in close proximity during driving activities.”

Jim devised the light after he drove an articulated lorry through a very narrow and busy but unlit area, unable to see the sides of his trailer.

He added: “The Jimmy Beam Down Light offers an increased visible presence of the side view, of the subject vehicle or trailer, to other road users when driving in poor visibility or when in thick fog.”