Rugby's Lawrence Sheriff pub expects to recover from zero hygiene rating this week

The manager of Rugby's Lawrence Sheriff pub said staff have been working hard to recover from a hygiene rating of zero.

The score was handed to the High Street pub following an inspection carried out on January 14 - with the inspector stating that urgent improvements to the management of food safety must be made.

Photo: Google Streetview.

Photo: Google Streetview.

But Arron Grayston, who became manager of the pub six months ago, said previous management's error in filing certificates meant that, although staff had received proper training, it could not be proved to the inspector at the time.

Mr Grayston said the relevant certificates will be shown to the inspector at a re-inspection on March 1.

He said: "This was not the final inspection - we are due a re-inspection on Friday this week and we've completed a lot of work to make sure everything is under control.

"The inspector said we have done a lot of work and he's happy - we have been told the score will be three or four once we show the inspector the certificates."

The High Street pub was saved from closure in March 2017 when it was bought by Stream Development Ltd after previous owners Wetherspoon's placed it on a list of pubs it wanted to get rid of.

And in April 2017, shortly after the pub passed into new ownership, it was given a hygiene rating of five - but on an inspection conducted on March 6 of 2018 the score was reduced to one.

In the latest inspection, carried out on January 14 of this year, the pub washanded a score of zero. In the category named management of food safety, which is concerned with what checks the pub has to ensure that food served is safe and what knowledge staff have of food safety, the pub was told that urgent improvement is required.

Inspectors also found that major improvement is necessary with regards to the 'cleanliness and condition of the facilities and building'.

For the hygienic handling of food including preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage, inspectors said improvement was necessary.