The local firm powering Rugby’s fantastic firework display

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IT may have gone off with a bang, but Rugby’s biggest fireworks bash was considerably quieter and cleaner than it might have been, thanks to a town firm.

The display was held this year at a new venue, Winfield Park, and included an option for pre-paid tickets to help reduce queues. This required scanners and laptops as well as a mobile broadband service and lighting - but in the middle of a field, mains electricity isn’t available.

But rather than using a conventional generator, the organisers used a device donated by Central Park firm Off Grid Energy.

Malcolm Freeman of Rugby Round Table, which ran the event, said: “In previous years a small generator has been used when we needed lighting, but as we’ve introduced a pre-paid option this year, there is a certain amount of technology that is needed to support it. Generators are noisy and dirty, not to mention expensive in terms of diesel.”

An additional consideration was the impact of generator noise on local residents that live very close to the entrance of the site.

The device - called Grid to Go - is a clean and silent alternative to generators. It uses energy stored in Lithium-Ion batteries and, in the right circumstances, it can also incorporate renewable forms of energy (solar and wind) to top up the batteries - something that is not possible with a diesel generator. Mr Freeman added: “Apart from the obvious financial savings and more money going to good causes as a result, this solution is much ‘greener’ than a generator.”