Unsuccessful Portas bid but Rugby will try again

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RUGBY’S town centre boss is “gutted” the town wasn’t accepted on the Portas Pilot scheme.

Rugby Borough Council made an application on behalf of the town to secure Portas Pilot status.

If successful the town would have got money from a £1 million pot set up to help test a number of schemes put forward by TV’s ‘Queen of Shops’ Mary Portas.

But it was announced this week that Rugby was not one of the 12 winners.

Robin Richter, managing director of town centre management company Rugby First, said: “I’m not going to lie, I was gutted that we didn’t get it. It would have made quite a difference so I’m very disappointed. Everyone thinks we’ve got it bad but a lot of places are worse. Rugby is never seen as being deprived.”

Towns across the country now have one more chance to apply for the funding again.

Mr Richter said: “We are going to revisit it and we will go for it again. We will need to tweak the application and make it clear everyone in the town is behind this.”

The winners will be announced in July.