Warwickshire firms threatened in £3k scam

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businesses are warned to beware of letters and phone calls from the European City Guide

Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service has received complaints from businesses across the county that believed they were either agreeing to take a free entry or updating existing information in this directory.

However, having either agreed over the phone or returned a form, each business then received a demand for more than £3,000.

Further demand letters and threats of court action follow if payment is not made.

However, Warwickshire Trading Standards is unaware of any instances where this has gone beyond threats to actual court action.

The activities of this Spanish-based business have already been highlighted by a number of UK and EU institutions and action has been taken against them to disrupt their activities.

Warwickshire Trading Standards advises businesses not respond to any telephone calls or letters from the European City Guide.

To make a consumer complaint or enquiry, contact Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 040506 or 0208 1850 710. More online: warwickshire.gov.uk/consumeradvice