Warwickshire’s cabinet announces 2020 vision

Warwickshire’s cabinet has announced its vision for Warwickshire’s economic landscape in 2020 and detailed its plans for supporting businesses and the job market to prosper and lead an economic revival.

At the heart of the paper, entitled ‘Going for Growth’, is how the council will embrace the coalition government’s aims of reducing deficit and securing growth. Its move towards strategic commissioning, assessing communities needs and responding based on evidence and working with partners in and around the county are key components of the strategy.

‘Going for Growth’ shows how a smaller, leaner county council will operate against a backdrop of reduced budgets nationally. It highlights areas where the council will work with sub-regional partners to make the diminishing resources go further.

Priorities include a very competitive technological infrastructure, clearer powers of holding public services to account, a reduction in social and economic inequalities, the use of best practice so that Warwickshire will be measured by international rather than regional comparisons. Health and well-being are key to Going for Growth as the county council seeks to build a brand for Warwickshire associated with a health-focussed lifestyle and a place to live and work that will attract people.

Cabinet passed the principles of the document before it goes to full county council for approval prior to implementation.

Cllr Alan Farnell, leader of Warwickshire County Council,

said: “There is a lot of work that needs to be done between now and 2020 to ensure that Warwickshire is a place where residents enjoy a high quality of life, where businesses will want to be and, as a consequence, where there will be a vibrant local economy.

“Underpinning this will be a commitment to reducing the gap in the aspirations and quality of life between all our most vulnerable residents and other, more affluent ones. We will work to ensure that growth supports outcomes for children and young people so that they learn skills required to make a positive contribution to a prosperous Warwickshire.

“And we recognize the needs of people in our communities for sustainable and affordable care. By driving growth, we will be in a stronger position to provide the opportunities and the care for our residents, young and old alike.”