Caldecott Park ranger: my time at the 1980 Olympics

Trevor Hoyte
Trevor Hoyte

The London Olympics have brought back special memories for one well-known Rugby man.

Caldecott Park ranger Trevor Hoyte was part of the 100m relay squad at the Moscow games 1980.

He was injured before the race but still speaks fondly of his time spent in the Olympic Village and the atmosphere of the stadium.

“It was good fun. Every athlete is different in how they cope with it but I didn’t mind it at all,” he said.

One particular memory is of the opening ceremony. He said:“In those days the whole team used to parade so it was a long day. That’s the main thing I remember.”

But although the essence of athletics has remained the same, Trevor believes some aspects of the Olympics have changed.

He said: “It’s slightly different now. It’s more media orientated. Whereas then it was the athletes and the sports, now it’s much more about media and sponsors and television advertising. There’s more money involved.”

Following the Moscow Olympics, Trevor became a coach alongside friend and fellow sprinter Linford Christie - later to become Olympic champion in Barcelona in 1992.

Trevor has not coached for the past few years, partly due to problems with funding.

“It takes a lot of time and you don’t get paid in this country,” he said. “I think one of the biggest problems is the coaches. A lot of them are unsung.”

He added: “My aim when I first came to Rugby was to find someone to coach for the Olympics.”

Though he has not yet found an athlete to coach in the area, Trevor is keen to encourage more competitive sports in Rugby and remains involved by speaking in schools and visiting athletic clubs.

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