Camera role is all about traffic calculations

Traffic survey camera near Cawston NNL-160414-164003001
Traffic survey camera near Cawston NNL-160414-164003001

Eagle-eyed Rugby residents have been fascinated by poles popping up around the town this week.

A number of poles with small cameras mounted on top of them appeared in the town earlier in the week and their presence prompted great speculation on social media.

The cameras were attached to lamp posts on some of the area’s busiest traffic spots, including Clifton Road and the Western Relief Road – though some were not in place for long.

Some of the spculation was wide of the mark but some worked it out – they are part of an ongoing traffic monitoring survey being carried out on behalf of Warwickshire County Council.

A county council spokesperson said: “The cameras which Rugby residents may have seen are being used for traffic survey purposes, particularly to monitor turning counts at junctions.

“It is important that we collect this data so we can accurately keep records of traffic flow. This information is particularly important when new housing developments are proposed enabling us to assess the impact of the development on the existing road network.

“The cameras are installed by a private contractor and will carry out surveys in locations across the town.”