Campaign to prevent 101 houses being built in Hillmorton, Rugby

Residents have set up a 'Stop the Lower Street Development' group
Residents have set up a 'Stop the Lower Street Development' group

Anxious residents are battling to prevent developers from building 101 houses in Hillmorton.

Developer Orbit Homes wants to erect the houses on the area known as the Ballast Pits off Lower Street in Hillmorton.

Our schools are oversubscribed and cannot accommodate the extra pupils

Kevin Marriott, Hillmorton resident

Planing permission has been secured for 76 homes but now developers think the site is suitable for 101 houses, including shared ownership properties.

The campaign group Stop the Lower Street Development fear the additional traffic will add to the area’s congestion problems, and the new residents could put a further strain on the town’s hospital, schools and surgeries.

Kevin Marriott, a Hillmorton resident who is concerned about the development’s impact on the community, said neighbours felt very strongly about the development.

“We simply do not have the infrastructure to support a development of this size and the additional cars will make the traffic even worse than it is now,” he said.

“Lower Street is often reduced to a single carriageway due to parked cars on the road, so if the 101 houses have two car parking spaces as Orbit has stated, then that is a potential 202 vehicles on the surrounding roads.

“Constable Road will become a through route for which it was never designed, and Watts Lane is massively congested at peak times already.”

Mr Marriott added: “Our schools are oversubscribed and cannot accommodate the extra pupils, so the development is simply not viable.”

An Orbit Homes spokesman said the company was taking residents’ views into consideration.

“It is very early days and we are listening to and taking on board the feedback from members of the public,” he said.

A public meeting was held at Rogers Hall last Wednesday to give residents the chance to discuss the development.

The campaign group is keen to hear from supporters and to assist with objection letters.

Anyone interested can email