Campaign to raise awareness of older drivers in Warwickshire

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The Safer Roads Partnership is joining up with Age UK in Warwickshire to raise awareness of issues surrounding older drivers.

Legally once over the age of 70 a full driving licence expires and motorists are required to renew your licence and for every 3 years thereafter. Contrary to some beliefs you do not have to re take your test; it is purely your responsibility to ensure that you are still fit to drive. This may mean thinking about your health, checking your eyesight and generally thinking about your confidence and ability.

To help with this Age UK have recently launched a new ‘self-help’ guide ‘In the driving seat’ that outlines what drivers need to know in order to stay driving for longer. Maintaining the mobility of older people is important to meet social inclusion and general well being and particularly within our rural communities. This guide includes advice on many things such as what health conditions need declaring, extra training that may be available if needed and if it comes to it, alternatives to driving that could be available.

Vicki Bristow, Communications Manager for the Safer Roads Partnership said: “Keeping our motorists safe on the road, whatever age they are is our key priority and anything that helps our older drivers keep safe is welcomed. This guide from Age UK gives really good practical advice and a list of useful organisations to get further assistance’”

Elizabeth Phillips, Chief Executive, Age UK Warwickshire said: “We produce a range of guides to help people as their circumstances or situation changes. This new guide highlights some of the things people may wish to consider and includes lots of helpful details about organisations that can provide information and advice about your options.”

Anyone wishing to get their own copy of this free guide can request one by contacting the Information and Advice line for Age UK Warwickshire on 01926 458143.