Campaigners call for better road safety in Rugby

Green Party member Steve Wright
Green Party member Steve Wright

Campaigners are calling for radical changes at a number of potential accident blackspots in Rugby before someone is badly hurt or even killed.

Benn Ward Green Party members are calling for radical improvements to be made at pedestrian crossings.

Party member Steve Wright, of Oxford Street, said: “The crossing at the junction of Craven and Murray roads is often obstructed by delivery vehicles servicing local thriving businesses.

“High road speeds combined with poor visibility and proximity to a busy crossroads mean that a radical redesign is vital before a tragedy occurs.

“Clifton Road also needs an additional safe crossing point as both are much used by children and residents.

“A crossing which joins each corner of the Craven Road/Murray Road junction with drivers being obliged to stop for walkers crossing at this busy crossroads would greatly improve safety and could have the effect of giving traffic passing through the junction greater opportunities to enter the stream of traffic.”

He and his colleagues think there should be an additional safe crossing point near Paradise Street and Oxford Street.

They say the increasing population in the area requires action on road safety.

Mr Wright added: “We need to make it safer and more pleasant to walk for many reasons.”

A county council spokesman provided the Advertiser with accident statistics for the three years until the end of January this year.

At the junction of Murray Road and Craven Road were two “slight injury collisions”, neither involving a pedestrian. There is an existing zebra crossing at this location.

The spokesman said: “On the issue of parking here, any parking within the zig zag area adjacent to the crossing is a matter for the police as it is an offence.”

On Clifton Road between Murray Road and Railway Terrace were two “slight injury” collisions, neither involving a pedestrian.

The spokesman added: “There are two pedestrian crossings between Murray Road roundabout and Railway Terrace, one located adjacent to Lawrence Sheriff School, the other at the junction of Railway Terrace.”

There were no accidents resulting in injury in Oxford Street, Clifton Road or Paradise Street.

The spokesman said many roads within Benn Ward have the benefit of a 20mph speed limit and traffic calming.

He added: “Generally funding for road safety is limited, and is prioritised to locations where there is a history of injury accidents.”