Campaigners say the way you shop can make a difference

PEOPLE in Rugby are invited to change their shopping habits and help fight poverty during Fairtrade Fortnight.

Staff at World of Difference in High Street hope shoppers will take a look at their fairtrade goods and hopefully change their way of thinking for good.

The campaign runs until March 13 with schools and churches across the country taking part.

Sue Smith, manager of World of Difference, said for the producers it means a fair wage, good working conditions, health care, savings schemes, food for the family and money for education,

The shop has been involved in selling fairly traded crafts, jewellery, rugs, bedspreads, blankets and wholefoods for 30 years.

Sue added: “We are looking forward to celebrating our 30th anniversary in October,

“We are so pleased we have our loyal customers and others who just notice something in the window as they pass.”

The number of ethical labels is growing, but Fairtrade remains unique.

While other schemes aim to ‘protect the environment’ or ‘enable companies to trace their coffee’, Fairtrade’s focus is on helping farmers and workers improve the quality of their lives and take more control over their futures.

Sue added: “Every purchase makes a difference.

“It is hoped that Fair Trade Fortnight will change people’s habits for the rest of the year.”

Sales of products have been growing by 40% each year.