Can you help Cats Protection Rugby?

Eva Goodwin (Coordinator - Cats Protection) and Donna (Cat Fosterer), are appealing for volunteers. NNL-150208-003412009
Eva Goodwin (Coordinator - Cats Protection) and Donna (Cat Fosterer), are appealing for volunteers. NNL-150208-003412009

Rugby Cats Protection is calling for volunteers and fosterers to help at its busiest time of year.

The animal charity, run entirely by unpaid volunteers, helps owners re-home their cats, offers adoption and fostering services, provides neutering and helps feral cats.

Eva Goodwin, co-ordinator for Rugby Cats Protection, joined the branch when it first set up in 2004.

She said: “This is our busiest time of year. We are in the middle of ‘kitten season’ and we only have a few fosterers who have no space to take in any more cats and kittens until their current ones are adopted.

“It is also the busiest time for our fundraising team and Cats Protection receives no government funding, so all monies have to be raised directly by the charity.”

The charity is calling for volunteers to help out at pre-booked fundraising events for a few hours on an ad hoc basis.

Eva said: “We also desperately need fosterers. This is a massive commitment and it’s not all about cuddling cute kittens -although that does happen!”

Eva said: “Our main challenge is the number of people who need to re-home their cats. Lots of people cite moving house as a reason, and the fact that pets are not allowed in many rented properties.

“Money is also a big issue. Vet bills can cost hundreds of pounds and so if a cat becomes ill, and the owner does not have insurance, people often try to give up their cat for adoption.”

Anyone interested in volunteering for Rugby Cats Protection can call the helpline on (01788) 570010.

Donna Cave (pictured) has fostered more than 300 cats over five years with Cats Protection.

Eva said although the charity is keen to encourage people to adopt cats, it is a big commitment that requires careful consideration.

“Have a good think about the commitment involved in terms of time, space and of course expense - consider pet insurance.

Remember that cats can live up to 20 years and think about how your circumstances might change in the future and what you would do to ensure your pets remain well cared for.”

To see the cats up for adoption in Rugby, go to