Can you spot the ghost in this picture taken at Coombe Abbey?

editorial image

AN EERIE figure stands in a corridor at Coombe Abbey, a hand looming out of the darkness.

But something makes the image even more sinister - the figure seemed to appear out of nowhere.

The apparition was captured by Ginny Hunter, advertising manager at the Advertiser, during a recent visit to the 12th century abbey where she took part in a ghost tour.

Ginny said: “I took the photos and a couple more at the same time and did not see anything until I emailed it to a colleague who asked who was at the back of the corridor.

“I was amazed and on closer inspection could not believe the clarity of the photo and the definite shape of a person, albeit a see-through one! The photo taken immediately after has no apparent apparition. I love the fact I have it on camera along with lots of shots of orbs, which some believe show spirits manifesting.”