Car crashes through garden fence at Rugby home


A YOUNG mother had a lucky escape when a car crashed through two concrete posts and demolished her garden shed.

The incident, in Gilbert Avenue, happened at about noon on Tuesday, when a driver lost control of their car, mounted a pavement, struck a lamppost and collided with another vehicle before demolishing the shed, which ended up in a neighbour’s garden.

Nobody was injured in the crash, although a glass dining room table, which was being temporarily stored in the shed, was smashed beyond repair.

Hayley Rider, who has an eight month old baby, Oscar, said: “I was lucky not to get hurt.

“I was emptying the bin next to the shed just moments before the crash.

“If I had been in the garden when the car crashed I would have been hit.”

Her mother, Nikki Rider, added: “It’s just as well I wasn’t there because it sounds very scary.

“The crash made such a loud noise that Oscar wouldn’t stop crying – the car went through two concrete posts and apparently the noise was horrific.

“Hayley and everyone else involved were all very shaken by what happened, but fortunately they all seem OK.”