Cash to repair pothole-stricken roads in Warwickshire

Wet weather has damaged roads in the county
Wet weather has damaged roads in the county

Warwickshire County Council will be given extra government money for repairs to local roads damaged by severe weather.

The council has learnt that it will receive £1.96 million as an emergency payment to help with road repairs following the wettest winter on record.

The county council says it has spent £14 million on maintaining Warwickshire’s roads over the past year and has repaired around 15,000 potholes.

But the wet weather has caused significant additional damage, increasing the amount of damage to the local road network.

Cllr Peter Butlin, who is responsible for roads, said: “The exceptional wet winter weather that we experienced has been a challenge and we have directed as much resource as possible into dealing with the impact of the weather in terms of potholes and flood damage.

“Having secured this funding, we are investing in our local roads and would urge residents to bear with us whilst we complete the work.”

The potholes are planned to be filled before the end of July.

Pot holes are either reported by the public or logged by safety inspectors and locality officers. They can be reported by the public at

In addition to the repair work, Warwickshire County Council carries out an annual programme of resurfacing of some 2000 kilometres of road and footways.