Cat reunited with Bilton owners thanks to his microchip

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A cat who was missing for around two months has been reunited with his family.

Ziggy the cat went missing shortly after Lucy Woodrow and her family moved house.

Lucy said: “ We had only recently moved in to our new house and we had kept him in for about a week, after another week or two had passed we were fairly sure he was settled.

“One day whilst feeding the cats (we have two others) we noticed that Ziggy didn’t turn up, which is most unusual as he loves his food and never misses a meal, the next day when he wasn’t there again we knew something was wrong and started looking for him.

“Over the next few days we tried everything, posters, walking around the village calling him, rattling cat biscuits, even emptying the vacuum in the

garden - someone had told us this is good to get the smells of the house outdoors where the cat might pick up on them.

“Sadly, none of these worked and over the following weeks we almost gave up hope that Ziggy would come home. Naturally the children were very upset.”

Bilton Veterinary Centre then called the family to say that Ziggy had been handed in and was alive and well.

Lucy said: “We were contacted after he had been scanned for his microchip. I was over the moon, we all were. We are just so very glad that we got him microchipped.

“Had we not then he might very well have ended up in a rescue centre, or worse and we would never have known what happened.”

Bilton Veterinary Centre is now encouraging owners to get their pets microchipped and to take extra care during the firework season.

Tom Waterworth from Bilton Veterinary Centre said: “Sadly, pets go missing or are injured on a daily basis. The presence of a microchip greatly increases the chance of owners being reunited with their pets.

“Although pets can go missing at any time of year, we see a massive increase in animals reported lost during the firework season as they are often very frightened and can run off unpredictably.

“As well as ensuring your pet is microchipped, during the upcoming firework season we also encourage owners to keep their pets inside from dusk, and also suggest having your dog on a lead when out in the garden as a sudden bang can make even the most confident dog panic and escape.”