Cawston dad takes on BBC quiz show

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A Rugby father of five has won £7,500 so far on a BBC quiz show.

Ranjit Virk appeared on TV on Saturday night last week on the National Lottery: Who Dares Wins show hosted by Nick Knowles.

As part of the quiz show two teams of strangers play against each other to complete a series of lists, and play for a jackpot of £50,000.

Mr Virk, 38, from Cawston, and the ‘stranger’ he was paired with won £15,000 on the night which they split between them.

Winners stay on so Mr Virk will appear on the show again tonight (Saturday).

Contestants can go on to win hundreds of thousands of pounds, unless another team can defeat them.

The financial adviser said: “It was great. I didn’t know the other person at all. They are very strict about keeping you apart.

“One of our lists was the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody. We got 52 words and Brian May tweeted us afterwards!”

Mr Virk continued: “When you’re there you don’t want to fall over, you don’t want to look stupid and you want to win.

“I didn’t fall over, I don’t think I looked too stupid and we won so I’m happy.”

Mr Virk was delighted to come home to his wife Laura and five children Benjamin, Mya, Daniel, Samuel and Reuben with his £7,500 winnings.

He said: “It doesn’t feel real. We’ll probably go on holiday and have a few treats.

“The children thought it was great.

“Four of them are at Cawston Primary School and a lot of their friends and parents there all saw the show.”

Mr Virk will appear on the show again on Saturday on BBC One at 8.35pm.