Cawston mother flies to rescue of Thai flood victims

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A Cawston woman who runs a charity for flood victims in Thailand has been on another mercy mission.

Sunathee Findlay, the driving force behind the British-Thai Relief Fund, visited more than 400 orphaned children during her latest project.

She said: “I helped bring food, water etc to children, schools, orphans, homeless people and hospitals.

“There is an orphanage that is in desperate need of help. I visited more than 400 orphanage children between the ages of six and 18 look after by the kindly monks and villagers.”

She said some people have lost everything.

“It’s heartbreaking. They asked if I could possibly help by putting together as much of the basic supplies as possible and these will be taken to them by lorry, or whatever,” said Sunathee. “The requirements are bedding, toiletries, towels, clothing, rice, milk and dry noodles.”

Schools are also desperate for supplies such as pencils, books and crayons .

Sunathee, a mother of two, said: “I have promised these people that I will try to find funding and I pray for the safety and protection for those who live in the flooded area of Thailand.