Cemex: dust on cars ‘unlikely to be from us’


Cemex has said it’s unlikely its factory is to blame for dust being discovered on a car earlier this month - despite a filter fault on the day it happened.

A complaint was made after dust was spotted on resident Lilian Pallikaropulos’s car on Tuesday February 5. She complained to the Environment Agency, which told her a filter at the Cemex plant had stopped working at 7.20pm, but that emissions released remained below Emission Limit Value (ELV) limits.

Mrs Pallikaropulos said: “Nobody knows how many tonnes of particulate or what compounds could have been spread across the borough, but my car received yet another highly visible, coating of dust.”

Ian Southcott, Cemex spokesman, said: “As with all complaints, we took this extremely seriously and conducted an investigation which found the bypass EP (electrostatic precipitator) did trip on safety interlock, but there were no particulate releases in excess of our permit limits and therefore it unlikely that the reported dust was related to this. Without a sample or any further complaints to substantiate the single complaint received, it is impossible to say if the dust was related to the cement plant’s operation.”