Cemex helps the Friends of St Cross improve ‘vital’ hospital

Ian Southcott from Cemex and the Mayor of Rugby, Cllr Ramesh Srivastava
Ian Southcott from Cemex and the Mayor of Rugby, Cllr Ramesh Srivastava

Cemex has supported the Friends of St Cross appeal to help improve the town’s ‘vitally important’ hospital.

The fundraising group, which has been selected as the Mayor’s Charity of the Year, received £1,000 from the company.

The Diamond Jubilee Appeal aims to raise at least £60,000 during the charity’s 60th year to relocate the hospital’s phlebotomy service to the Rainsbrook Wing.

Ian Southcott, Cemex’s UK community affairs manager, said: “The Cemex Foundation is delighted to be able to support the Mayor’s Charity this year.

“St Cross is a vitally important community facility and we are more than pleased to provide a donation which will bring the appeal target that much closer.”

Rugby Mayor Cllr Ramesh Srivastava said: “I am delighted to receive this generous donation from the Cemex Foundation.

“The Friends of the Hospital of St Cross do such valuable work for Rugby and I am pleased to pledge my support to the Diamond Jubilee Appeal throughout my year in office.

“With this donation and the ongoing support of the people of Rugby, I’m confident the appeal can reach its ambitious target and transform the phlebotomy service at the Hospital of St Cross.”

Willy Goldschmidt, communications lead for the Friends, said: “We’re delighted to have been honoured by the mayor selecting us as his nominated charity and the support he has given by promoting the appeal and attending so many of our fund-raising activities since we launched the appeal.

“The news that the Cemex Foundation has made such a significant donation is a great boost to the appeal, which has now received more than £43,000.”

The Friends have various events planned and are keen for schools and businesses to get involved.

Visit www.fsx.org.uk