Censorship explored in Lewis Gallery at Rugby School

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Mircea Teleaga’s first solo show entitled ‘Exercising Censorship’ at the Lewis Gallery in Rugby School, off Barby Road, until February 12.

Mircea has just graduated from Coventry University and is now an artist in residence at the Pod in Coventry. He was born in 1989 in Romania, and his works are visibly influenced by his place of origin. In his works he draws inspiration from his personal memories of landscapes and places from his childhood, recreating them after having found out that in the same places tragic events have occurred under the communist regime.

The title of the exhibition draws a final conclusion and also an explanation for the lack of figures and events, in a context where these elements are essential. The artist has censored them by removing them from the image or by replacing them with elements which do not seem to belong there. It is his way of trying to better understand what censorship and manipulation mean now and what they meant in 1989.